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Stephen Vitiello Press Clippings, Various Sources, 13 Aug–27 Aug 2010


Press Clippings, 'Kaldor Project', author unknown, The Sydney Morning Herald, 7–8 August 2010, 'Hitchcock's dread resonates for sound man', author unknown, The Sun Herald, 8 August 2010, 'Sound artist recreates 'loud silence' of bush', by Ashleigh Wilson, 13 August 2010, 'Exhibitions', by Ashleigh Wilson, The Australian, 16 August 2010, 'Stephen Vitiello's work still stimulates our visual senses' by Elizabeth Fortescue, The Daily Telegraph, 16 August 2010, 'Stephen Vitiello', by Ashleigh Wilson, The Australian, 18 August 2010, Art Monthly Issue 232, August 2010 and 'Installation', author unknown, The Sydney Morning Herald, 27 August 2010.

13 to 27 August 2010