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1. Archive Structure
2. Unique Identifier
3. Accessing the Projects
4. Searching and Browsing the Archives
5. Gallery


The Kaldor Public Art Projects Digital Archive has been structured to reflect the items in the Physical Archive

The physical archive consistes of a number of Folders for each Project. These Folders contain mainly documents.
Each Folder is separated into Sections, reflecting the different phases in the Project's development and presentation.

Also for each Project there are
- Boxes with photos, film, ephemera etc.
- Press Clipping Containers
- Digital Photos and perhaps Videos
The structure of the physical archive thus determines the unique Identifier applied to each item in the Archive.


Each OBJECT in the Archives is either a PROJECT or CONTAINER (ie FOLDER or BOX or CONTAINER) or SECTION or ITEM. Each has a Unique Identifier
These are examples of the unique identifiers used to label each OBJECT in the Archives.

- P13 is the Identifier for Project 13, (a PROJECT)
- P13-F01 is the Identifier for Project 13, Folder 01 (a CONTAINER)
- P13-B01 is the Identifier for Project 13, Box 01 (a CONTAINER)
- P13-F01-S01 is the Identifier for Project 13, Folder 01, Section 01 (a SECTION)
- P13-F01-S01-0001 is the Identifier for Project 13, Folder 01, Section 01, Image 0001 (an ITEM)

Accessing the Projects

1. by using the carousel on the HOME page or by going to the Menu BROWSE and choosing PROJECTS. This allows you to navigate through all the items for the Project using the same structure as the physical Archives ie Folders, Sections, Boxes etc.

2. by typing P and the Project Number, eg P01, directly in the Keyword Search. This presents you with all the objects for the Project and you can then refine (ie filter) those results.


1. Browsing - All Items can be browsed by going to the Menu BROWSE and choosing OBJECTS

2. Searching - Using the ADVANCED SEARCH Menu Item or the 'Keyword Search' box above the Menus, one can search for specific names, words, tags, themes, dates, identifiers etc.

Once the search results have been presented, one can use the Filters on the Right Hand Side to further refine the search



Galleries are assemblages of Objects from one or more Projects to tell a story

Additional Galleries will be completed from time to time