Project 01: Sarlon – fabric


  • 5 March 1969: Sarlon Industries fabric price list; handwritten brainstorm of names and fabric suppliers on back of original list. 2 page.
  • 1 Aug 1969: Typed letter from John Kaldor to L. E. Ferster, Managing Director, Sarlon Industries re: confirmation of order placed for 20,000 yards of woven polypropalene fabric, delivery date and price $10,000.00. 1 page.
  • [1969] Memo headed Alcorso Fabrics re: Christo arrival in Australia Wednesday October 1 and commencement of ‘wrapping-up’ one mile of coast at Little Bay on October 6. 1 page.
  • 6 Aug 1969: Typed letter from L. E. Ferster to John Kaldor re: acknowledgement with thanks cheque received of $5,000.00. Confirmation production of fabric going ahead as specified in letter of 1 Aug. 1 page.
  • [15 Aug – 31 Oct 1969] Correspondence between John Kaldor and L. E. Ferster re: sample fabrics, dimensions, delivery timeframes, payment and invoices. 13 pages. 
  • 18 Nov 1969: Typed letter from Elizabeth A. Butcher, Public Relations and Promotions, Sarlon Industries to John Kaldor re: thank you for prints from Christo project and proofs of machines photographed at Punchbowl, need approval to reprint. 1 page.
  • 20 Nov 1969: Typed letter from John Kaldor to Elizabeth A. Butcher re: informing prints [of machines for Christo Project] will not be used for publicity purposes, rather were sent to Sarlon as thought would be of interest. 1 page. 

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