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Project 25 : Thomas Demand


Project Overview
For Project 25, Thomas Demand presented a new series of images, The Dailies, within the unique environment of the Commercial Travellers' Association (CTA) club, part of the MLC Centre designed by architect Harry Seidler. Demand is known for his full-scale recreations of environments made entirely from paper and card that he photographs and later destroys, so that they remain only as images, occupied an entire hotel floor on the CTA building's level 4. His installation, displayed throughout the bedrooms that extend out from a circular corridor, had a disorientating effect.
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The Dailies 
23 March – 22 April 2012 
Commerical Travellers' Association, MLC Centre Sydney City
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People and Organisations
Thomas Demand
Commercial Travellers' Association (CTA)
Education Themes
Architecture, Everyday materials, Installation, Narrative, Photography / documentation, Pop culture and mass media, Site-specific