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Project 22 : Santiago Sierra


Project Overview
Project 22, titled 7 forms measuring 600 x 60 x 60 cm constructed to be held horizontal to a wall, created a new variation of Santiago Sierra’s most poetic and elemental work, unifying sculpture and performance to create a physical portrait of the labour economy. Hired for the minimum wage, the employees hold monolithic structures on their shoulders for the duration of a working day at Brisbane’s Gallery of Modern Art. They recall the caryatid or atlas figures whose sculpted forms stand as pillars to support the weight of classical architecture. Carrying casket-like forms on their shoulders, they represent what Sierra calls the ‘social burial’ of labour.
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7 forms measuring 600 x 60 x 60cm constructed to be held horizontal to a wall 
20 – 28 November 2010 
Gallery of Modern Art, Brisbane

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People and Organisations
Santiago Sierra
Education Themes
Durational, Gaze and identity, Live art, Minimalism, Politics and power