Canvas bag for Project 16.

Project 16 : Gregor Schneider


Project Overview
For Project 16, Gregor Schneider transformed Sydney’s iconic Bondi Beach in 2007 with a giant cage titled 21 Beach Cells. The 4 x 4 metre cells were soon inhabited by beachgoers looking for a site to rest and find shelter from the sun. The shadow image of Guantánamo Bay’s Camp X-Ray – and Australia’s own immigration detention centres – became a site for relaxation. 21 Beach Cells captured the atmosphere of the time, an environment of global terrorism, detention of illegal immigrants and the recent Cronulla race riots, questioning Australia’s egalitarian self-image.

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21 Beach Cells 
28 September – 21 October 2007 
Bondi Beach, Sydney

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People and Organisations
Gregor Schneider
Education Themes
Architecture, Everyday materials, Gaze and identity, Installation, Politics and power, Site-specific