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Project 06 : Sol LeWitt


Project Overview
For Project 6, John Kaldor invited Sol LeWitt to Australia to make a wall drawing at Sydney’s Art Gallery of New South Wales and Melbourne’s National Gallery of Victoria. LeWitt famously coined the term ‘conceptual art’, a pivotal event in the changing environment of art in the 1960s. With a focus on seriality in both form and process, his compositions were expressed through a variety of media, from drawing and painting to artists’ books, multiples, furniture, ceramics, photographs, prints and structures. LeWitt first created his wall drawings for an exhibition at Paula Cooper Gallery in New York. A revolutionary break with the conventions of the time, it recalled the frescoes of Italian art history and invented an architectural format for his investigations.

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All two part combinations of arcs from four corners, arcs from four sides, straight, not-straight broken lines in four directions
March – July 1977 
Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney 

Lines to points on a grid. On yellow: Lines from the center of the wall. On red: Lines from four sides. On blue: Lines from four corners. On black: Lines from four sides, four corners and the center of the wall
March – April 1977 
National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne

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People and Organisations
Sol LeWitt
National Gallery of Victoria
Art Gallery of New South Wales
Education Themes
Architecture, Conceptual art, Drawings, Installation, Instructions, Minimalism, Paintings, Systems / patterns