Notebooks from project cultivators with handwritten notes recording soil sample data in the on-site lab

Project 34 : Asad Raza


Project Overview
For Project 34, Asad Raza’s Absorption brought the ground beneath us into the foreground, drawing our attention to the living and changing nature of soil. Situated inside the Clothing Store at Carriageworks, the work constituted almost 300 tonnes of organic and inorganic material, including sand, silt, clay, phosphates, lime, spent grain, cuttlebone, legumes, coffee and green waste, combined into a new soil mixture or neosoil. A group of cultivators enacted this process of mixing, creating a composite material that visitors were free to take for their own uses, allowing Absorption to continue to grow and be nurtured beyond the installation. Nine artists were also invited to create interventions in the form of installations, performances and experiments.
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3 – 19 May 2019 
The Clothing Store, Carriageworks, Sydney
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Asad Raza
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Artists' collaborations, Australian artists, Environments, Installation, Natural materials, Participatory, Site-specific, Live art